4 Tips To Help Generate Digital Content For Your Real Estate Blog

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So, you have a website and/or a blog devoted to your real estate business and are finding new topics for articles becoming leaner as time goes on? How about trying a new approach that could add fresh content without writing? Read on to discover some easy to implement top tips... 

1. Break Away With Photos

Everyone has favorite places within their community that are worth telling others about. Grab your phone and spend a day taking pictures of these places. Take around 30 to 40 photos for a good selection to choose from. Use your favorite photo editing software to get the size that works best for your site (Photoshop works great and you can get a free trial version here). 

Write a short one or two sentence blurb about the location and why you love it. Photos of  historical significance or a great place for get-togethers are good thoughts.

Examples might include an historical train station, the town's treasured botanical garden or perhaps a quaint English-style pub.

2. Articles of Interest

Read a few articles that are of interest to you and will be of interest to your audience, and then write a blog post with your opinion about those articles - simple!  You can take a sentence or two from these articles and link back to them and then add in your opinion as well. Place your post on Facebook or Twitter and tag them so you get any re-tweets or shares.

3. 6 Days Of Content

Having fresh, original content 6 days of the week can be daunting. So, get a little creative and make each day a separate theme. This can help enormously in getting great ideas without a lot of brain storming. 

How about...

Monday -- House of the Week (photos and short commentary)

Tuesday -- All Around the Town (selection of photos from your community)

Wednesday -- Tips for Sellers (do's and don'ts)

Thursday -- Videos (short fun interviews of people in your community)

Friday -- The economical crunch and how it can work for or against you when buying / selling your home

Saturday -- What Not to Do as a First Time Buyer (make it humorous)

4. Up and Coming Local Events 

Look into local events that are due to take place over the next few weeks. Pick a few that really excite you and place them on your calendar. Then write a short blog post regarding the event and various activities associated with it. If your Chamber of Commerce or Town Association has a link to the event, be sure to add that as well so your readers can find out more info if they are interested.

Perhaps some of these might include a charity walk / run, community Oktoberfest celebrations or Thanksgiving get-togethers which feed the homeless. Tell your readers why these events excite you and get it out on your social media channels.

Invite clients to the event and mail them tickets if you're able to get your hands on some! A few days before the event, post on your Facebook page and Twitter account and tag the event's coordinator.

Be sure to take some more pictures.  You can upload these photos on Facebook and Twitter, while the event is happening.

After the event, followup with a post regarding the event and how well it was received. Acknowledge and thank people who worked to make this event the success that it was.

What Are You Doing?

You might be working with first time homebuyers or first time sellers - it doesn't reall matter where your business focus is.  Put together some information on introductory steps that will help others out. You'll be amazed how many simple things buyers and sellers overlook every day. Your content will be of great benefit to someone and it's a great showcase of your real estate knowledge and experience.

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