4 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog from Pinterest

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


It goes without saying that you want more traffic to your blog. A sure fire way to increase engagement with your blog and to drive traffic to it, is by getting lots of pins from your blog posts.
What’s more, the key to solid internet marketing is reaching your absolute potential performance on search engines. And pins from your blog posts can really help in this regard too.
Since Pinterest was founded in March 2010 its growth has been unprecedented. Weekly visits to Pinterest's website from North American users hit nearly 29 million in July, up from 1.27 million a year earlier. That’s impressive.
So if you want to increase traffic to your blog, follow the tips below, which explain how you can harnass the power of this social networking juggernaut:
1. Sharing is King
Pinning (sharing) a lot of images onto your boards is the best way to promote your blog. To be really successful and to make this work, you should concentrate on sharing other’s content in addition to your own. This means all your postings are rich, varied and interesting. So when individuals are looking for something or researching, it’s your page they’re likely to uncover.
Also, try and get as many active followers as possible. If people are viewing your board regularly and sharing your pins, the traffic to your blog will undoubtedly increase.
2. Making Your Images Stand Out
Studies show that taller images get more pins and repins on the Pinterest website. If you focus on creating taller images, that are proven to stand out more, your images will be shared more. It’s as simple as that.
There are many tools and apps available that can help you elongate your images, or help you create a ‘quilt’ or ‘patchwork’ of a number of different images, by combining them together. If an image looks interesting or different, it’s much more likely to be repined.
3. Every Post Must Have an Image!
Did you know that a blog post can only be pinned onto a board if it contains an image? If there aren’t any images on your blog post, or if they’re too small (less than 110x100 pixels), you will not be able to create a pin. And of course, people can only repost once you’ve successfully made a post in the first place.
The best option is to always add more than one image. Again, this will drive more Pinterest engagement and increase traffic to your blog.
4. Incorporate Default Images
It’s possible for you to add default images to your blog that will be automatically visible on every page and post in Pinterest. This means that if your forget about step 3 (above), you know that an image will always be posted on your behalf regardless.
This image could be your logo, or it could be something more interesting that requires closer inspection and investigation. However, it must be relevant to you and your blog, and must serve to promote you.
Pinterest can be an amazing tool to get more traffic to your blog. Good luck in your pinning!

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