6 Things Your Real Estate Clients Hate... But Rarely Reveal

Monday, September 24, 2012


For many realtors, working with clients is the most challenging part of their job. But it is also the most important. You live and die by how they perceive you and the work you’re doing. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and if a client is unhappy with the service you’re providing, he or she is likely to tell other people about their bad experience, even if they don’t tell you.

The key to maintaining good relationships with clients is thinking about things from their perspective. This way you’re more likely to get a good referral. So listen, pick up on hints, and work hard at not annoying them! 

6 Things That Annoy Your Clients...

  1. When You Rush

Real estate agents are busy people who appreciate effective communication. So if you rush of a bunch of emails without due care an attention it can annoy them. Make sure you include the attachment that you’ve referenced in the email. And proof read its contents. If you’re lazy and not thorough, they’ll notice.

2. Bad Spelling

On a related front, make sure your spelling, punctuation and grammar is up to scratch. If you miss spell something, particularly a client’s name, they will become annoyed and assume that you don’t focus on details.

3. You’re Too Old Fashioned

You must keep abreast of the latest developments online, since this is where business happens in the 21st century. Stay connected, stay fresh and current, or your clients will find younger competitors who can. 

4. They Can’t Get In Touch With You

No one likes to have their calls unanswered. Your client wants your attention. Make sure you respond to all emails too. You don’t want them thinking you’re difficult.

5. Putting Them On Hold

Sometimes it’s impossible to always answer your phone the first time it rings. But your clients need to feel as if they’re your priority. Find a balance and make sure they don’t wait too long before you call them back.

6. Setting Unreasonable Expectations

From the outset explain to your client what their expectations should be in terms of how often you’ll respond to them, and how you plan to balance the needs of your whole roster of clients. If they know where the stand from the start, they’re much less likely to become aggravated further down the line.

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