Drip Email Marketing Strategy-- The Good and Bad

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


In this blog I want to explore some of the good and bad about drip email marketing and discuss how we might launch this within the Real Appeal framwork.  

So, imagine this scenario -- you have switched to Real Appeal and after 3 months you are now getting more leads than before, most of them coming from organic traffic.  The thing about this organic traffic, is most of the time we get them filling out a form about a specific property.  The great thing about this is not only do we know that we also know through the Real Appeal backend what other properties they looked at and what searches they have made.  

Now they are a lead -- and with the Real Appeal system they will also soon be getting e-Alerts if they want that will send them emails about new properties that come on the market that match their search criteria...  

Should we also add them to a Drip system?  I say no.  Here's why:  

We already know so much about the lead that we can tailor the email about the properties they are looking at much more effectively then a drip system and nine out of ten times the lead has sent an email asking a question on our system so you are just replying...  

Most of our leads, unlike our major competitor's, come from asking a question about a property and so are already engaging in conversation.  

The drip system is far less effective than a 'real email' and should really just be for leads that have not replied to the normal emails.

The problem with drip marketing for active leads is that often it can go wrong.  Drip emails are more likely to be caught in spam, are more likely to ignored, and I think the biggest problem is then it also becomes something the system does rather than an agent...  

Why should an agent be sending emails?  Because people buy from people, not automated email systems.   Also what an agent can do, that a drip system could never do, is based on the searches made decide things like -- how often should we email them, what language should we use, should we use humor...   

OK, that's the downsides of drip...  But when and why and how SHOULD we use it?

1) Use it on leads that have not responded to the normal first email(s) (which can of course be a template if we are in a hurry or don't know much about them) 

2) Put them in a stage that sends the drip emails automatically...  

3) As soon as a reply is given take them out of that stage and proceed manually!

So, in summary beware of the downfalls of your team using drip email marketing and only use it sparingly.  Set up stages that will start the drip email routine.  On Real Appeal,  to-dos can be set up to automatically appear X number of days after the lead goes in that stage.  You can associate the to do with a saved email template, and that's what creates the drip email campaign.  

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