How To Use Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing

Monday, March 26, 2012


Pinterest, a social media site was launched in 2010 and is taking the internet by storm as a marketing tool for businesses.

Just What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an online bulletin board where you place your images.  The site brought in more than 7 million signups in December and 1.6 million in September.  This site is driving more traffic to company websites, blogs, etc then Google +, LinkedIn and YouTube put together.

Pinterest allows the user to organize images into a board for a specific category.  When you "pin" something new onto that board it is viewed by all your followers, in turn, they can like, comment or re-pin this item directly to their boards.

Pinterest and Real Estate

The ability to post images on your Pinterest board and then linking them back to your website is incredibly powerful!  This holds amazing possibilities for your Real Estate business.  Pin pictures of properties, various rooms within a home or condo is a great way to get a large viewing audience that could well become the next buyer from your listings.  The power of Pinterest lies in the ability to post images from your properies and link them back to your website. 

Keep in mind, that Pinterest, like other social sites, need images that also contribute valuable content as well as sharing other member's pictures on your board.  Without connectivity to other users could leave you on the roadside without any followers.

Be Approachable Not Self-Indulgent

Much like Facebook and Twitter, social media users understand not to take themselves so seriously that they come across as self-centered and unapproachable.  Warming up to other folks takes talking to others and showing an interest in their particular niches as well as giving valuable information on your business as well.

While searching other boards, you might find other folks who have pictures somewhat up your alley that would be great for you to re-pin on your board. For example, you run across someone who buys old houses and totally revamps them.  You might just want to re-pin the images on your board.

Another avenue that shows the more "human" you would be to have another totally separate board that shows your personal interests. Such as your pets, maybe scuba  diving or sailing.  You can offer many different boards under different categories to show the broader you as well as make new connections along the way.

Sales Are Up

Pinterest has already driven many buyers to many websites.  Over the past six months, the retail world has seen a huge increase in web traffic and sales thanks to Pinterest.

A Business Drawback

Pinterest does have a few drawbacks for some businesses.  If your product or service is not visual, you might have some problems.  With Real Estate, this would not be a problem whatsoever.  This is the ideal place to get those real estate images shown in order to start bringing in huge amounts of traffic.

Pinterest does not offer business oriented options at this time and therefore prioritizes boards and subjects vs people.

How It Ties Up

You have some homes up for sale and want to get folks to your website and contact you to view these homes.  You would setup your board and pin great shots of the  interior as well as the exterior of these homes.  Add a description of the property as well as pricing.  You might also want to show pictures of the neighborhood or the selling features of the surrounding neighborhood or area.

By searching other boards that are interesting to both your business and potential home buyers, you can find like minded busnesses.  Great examples would be folks selling flooring, interior decorating, home furnishings or professional painters for both interior and exterior.

With the internet the size that it is and the growing popularity of Pinterest, you would probably find quite a few related businesses in your area as well.

Always keep yourself approachable and interesting.  Make sure your photos are informative, beautiful or enticing.  Never use poor images that will be very clear to view and peak ones interest.  Images have always attracted people more quickly then a million words.

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