LinkedIn's New Look...And How It Can Help Realtors Market Themselves

Monday, October 1, 2012


With its fresher and more appealing look, the recent changes to Linkedin have brought it right up to date with a more user friendly interface, sleek appearance and better functionality. Linkedin have stated that they are looking to make the Linkedin Homepage more customizable and functional with a series of changes to make it a great place for discussion and networking.

This is important for businesses using Linkedin as it can have effects on marketing as well as networking. The new changes center around keeping you more updated with happenings in your particular industry. So for example with Real Estate, Linkedin will recommend news stories or publications that should be of interest or related to Real Estate. Clicking through to one of these stories will also give you the option to view the Linkedin Aggregate news page where you can view and comment on other relevant news stories.

There are also relevant updates from connections and companies that you follow. With all these changes and features they key is to take full advantage of them. Filter your update stream and customize your view so that your updates are more specific to the businesses or clients you want to target. Remember that you can like, comment or message and share information with connections directly from your homepage as well, the more you do this the more people will view you as up to date and as a worthy connection.

Therefore the key points to take away from these updates to Linkedin are to update your status on a consistent basis up to 5 times a day if possible. This will build your influence on Linkedin and increase your visibility to others. 

Another point is that Images are now larger in the updated Linkedin so making good use of images in Status updates is very important to make them more visible and prominent.

To Summarise, Linkedin is becoming more of a social network and it is important that you react to this with an increasing interaction with the site. Comment on News Stories that are linked to the homepage, ask engaging questions or even put out polls, anything that gains visibility or views can only help to build your brand and business.

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